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view adoptable BC SPCA pets...


Surrey Shelter Information on this page:
Adoption Information
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Learn more about rabbits

Adoption Information:

*Please note that 7% PST is charged on all BC SPCA adoption fees

  • Dogs: $295

  • Dogs - Toy Breeds: $395

  • Dogs - Purebred (documented by appropriate paperwork): $395

  • Puppies (under 6 months): $375

  • Puppies (under 6 months - Toy Breeds): $475

  • Puppies (under 6 months - Purebred, documented by appropriate paperwork): $475

  • Cats $145

  • Kittens (under 6 months) $175 - **For more info about adopting a kitten from the Surrey shelter, click here or scroll down**

  • Rabbits (already altered) $65

  • Guinea pigs $15

  • Small animals $5

*Please note that in many of our shelters potential adopters are required to bring in copies of their strata council by-laws or rental agreements in order to be approved for adopting. Please contact us at the shelter for any adoption requirements before visiting us to adopt so that you are correctly prepared to take your new family member home.
Notices, News & Updates:

Thank you G&F Financial Group! 

A Surrey credit union is investing in the future of homeless animals.

Thanks to a $2,500 grant from the charitable arm of G&F Financial Group - the G&F Financial Group Foundation - the SPCA’s Surrey Branch is purchasing a microscope and veterinary weigh scale. 

Click here to learn more. (This will open a .pdf document in a new window.)

FOSTER KITTENS and CATS for ADOPTION - Not all of our kittens are kept at the shelter

Throughout the year, many of our kittens are nurtured in foster homes.

To enquire about adopting a kitten or cat in foster care, please call (604) 709-6701 press #1, leave a message, and a phone volunteer from the foster program will contact you, or to send us an email about animal fostering.

Seniors Unite

It’s always sad to see senior animals come into our shelter. If you already have a pet, the addition of a senior may be a perfect second addition to the family. These cats and dogs are still full of life and love and will make wonderful companions for many years to come. Please visit our shelter and consider giving a “senior” a loving home.

Seniors for Seniors - Cats Only

Surrey is lucky to have a senior for seniors cat program. If you are a senior yourself that would like to have the companion of a cat, you may be able to adopt a senior cat from the 'seniors for seniors' program where some or all of the needs of the cat are supplied. Call the adoption line at 604-709-6701 and press #1 to find out more about this program.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Please note that we have made changes to our volunteer application process.

If you wish to volunteer at the Surrey Branch of the BC SPCA you are now able to apply on line. Once your application has been received you will be contacted and an orientation and training date will be arranged.

* Please note: You must be 16 yrs. old to volunteer ~ and not all volunteer positions are suitable and available to everyone.

  • Dog walking, Cat care and Small animal care are morning programs, 9-12noon.
  • Animal adoption counseling are afternoon programs, 12noon - 5:30 pm
  • Laundry 9 am - 5 pm
  • Fundraising and Events vary throughout the year

For additional information please call the volunteer line at 604-709-6701.

Foster Homes Needed

This year the Surrey shelter will need more foster homes for moms with kittens, as well as people who can care for unweaned orphan kittens that need to be bottle fed for one to 4 weeks.

If you can help in this way, please call 604-709-6701, press #3 or or click here to apply online.


Dogs, Pups, Cats, Kittens, Rabbits & Critters. Please fill out and forward your foster application. Once we receive your application, one of our Volunteers will contact you and talk to you about the rewards of fostering animals in your home.

For more information about fostering cats and kittens, please call the foster coordinator at (604) 709-6701, press #3, to send us an email about animal fostering.

Rabbit and Small Critter Volunteers Needed to provide critter care on a regular basis.

Perfect after school volunteer opportunity for youth with a supervising adult. Please call our volunteer line at (604) 709-6701 for more information.

 Small Critter Adoption Counselors also needed!

Community Council Volunteers:
For details to volunteer on the Community Council please contact the volunteer line at (604) 709-6701. *You must be an SPCA member in good standing to sit on the Community Council.

For information about membership please visit the shelter for an application form or call (604) 709-6701.

Click here for general BC SPCA Volunteering Information

Shelter Location & Contact Info:

6706 - 152nd Street
Surrey, BC  V3S 3L4
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(604) 597-5655
(604) 572-6498

Volunteer Line: (604) 709-6701
Fundraising/Events: (604) 709-6701
Kids Club/Youth: (604) 681-7271

Prefer Email?

  • to send us a general inquiry email.

  • to send us an email about anything fundraising or event related.

  • to send us an email about animal fostering.

  • to send us an email about anything kids/youth related.

Please note that due to the volume of emails that we receive daily it is difficult to return every e-mail promptly. Should you need immediate assistance please call the shelter at 604-597-5655.

*In case of AFTER HOURS emergency only phone: (604) 879-7343


Lost & Found Pets:


9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday:

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Animal Adoption & Viewing Times:


12:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Saturday & Sunday:

12:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Stat Holidays:


 Upcoming Events:

Lost, Found, & Prevention
How You Can Help Us
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Donation Wish List

These items are always in need and greatly appreciated!

  • Canned cat and kitten food
  • Kitten litter
  • Martingale Dog collars - medium size
  • Sturdy leashes
  • Large open style dog pens
  • Bunny and Critter food & Bedding material
  • 10x10 canopy so Bunnies can exercise rain free
    (a used canopy will be gratefully accepted)
  • Old clean towels
  • Please click here to learn more about our exciting new partnership with Hill's® Science Diet®
HBC Rewards Program
Every time you shop - you could be helping the animals! It's that easy.

The HBC Rewards Community Program is a great way to help animals in need in BC. By linking to our community accounts, these points can be directed to your local SPCA to help purchase items such as digital cameras used in cruelty investigations or to publish photos of animals available for adoption.

Your local SPCA will receive 1,000 bonus points for every new member (up to 50 in a year) who links to their community account online. The sooner you enroll, the sooner we earn points for the animals - so do it today!

To link your account, go online and log on to Sign in by using your HBC Rewards card number.

Choose 'Community Program' - 'Donate to a Community Program'. You can then choose to donate a percentage or all of your points starting today and for the months to come.

The Community Card Public ID number for BC SPCA Lower Mainland Branches & Area of Greatest Need is:

  • 6924773

For further information on how the HBC Rewards Community Program helps animals in BC, click here.

Big Bold Beautiful Bunnies!

Large rabbits make great pets!

Large rabbits are generally of a calm nature.  Because of their size people are usually deterred from adopting a large rabbit. Dwarf rabbits do tend to be less calm in most cases.

However, if you are still deterred by big rabbits; Consider this:

They are playful, a good choice for a first rabbit as they cannot be picked up by small hands, but are curious enough to come and engage in activities with you.  Can be litter trained (we aim to do this for you).  They can also can be harness trained.

Please come and meet them! fFind out more about their personalities and consider welcoming a large rabbit into your home.

Some of our beautiful bunnies include:

Beautiful Bubbly

Perfect Percilla

Beautiful Belle


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